Lebanon in Five Days + Rethinking “Home”

Lebanon is a country often too small to be denoted on a map--it's only 10,452 square kilometers! However, in our five days there, we weren't even able to see all of the ~main tourist attractions~. Taylor, Caroline, and I stayed with Rashed at his apartment in Beirut, and he drove us all around the northern part… Continue reading Lebanon in Five Days + Rethinking “Home”

Istanbul: The Essentials (Through My Friends’ Eyes)

Hello lovely readers! As I continue backpacking the Middle East, I'll keep sharing my top tips for everyone. This week, I thought we'd mix it up a bit, and I'd bring you the perspectives of my friends! I was in Istanbul, Turkey last week with three friends I met while teaching abroad in Delhi, India… Continue reading Istanbul: The Essentials (Through My Friends’ Eyes)

If You Have 24 Hours in Copenhagen…

So, as you read in my last post, I had a 20-hour layover in Copenhagen, Denmark on my way to Istanbul, Turkey. I stayed in a hostel near downtown, and I had scoured the tourist website for the must-do's in Copenhagen, as I had less than one day! But all the websites say the same… Continue reading If You Have 24 Hours in Copenhagen…

How to Survive Long Travel

Hello loves! I'm writing to you from the Copenhagen airport. It is 10:18 in the morning my time; 3:18 in the morning at home. That means I left for the Minneapolis airport 47 hours and 38 minutes ago, and I'm still not at my final destination. Here's the whole story: I booked a flight path… Continue reading How to Survive Long Travel

10 Things I Learned on my 10-Week Social Media Break

Hi friends! Well, I'm on the way to Turkey! I have six flights over 51 hours to get there, and I'm currently sitting at the Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York. I have three flights after this, and a 20-hour layover in Copenhagen, which will be cool! Just over 10 weeks ago, I was sitting… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned on my 10-Week Social Media Break

ten things you might not know about me! (+ other updates)

hi hi hi! it's been a moment--but i have several new followers, so i thought i'd reintroduce myself to all you newbies around here 🙂 also, i took a personal break from instagram, twitter, and snapchat, so i've included some recent photos and whatnot! 1. i'm studying at the university of minnesota - twin cities,… Continue reading ten things you might not know about me! (+ other updates)

India (finally).

I LEAVE FOR INDIA ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Well, I leave for Chicago one week from today. Then I leave for India from Chicago a week from Saturday. So, let me correct myself: MY JOURNEY TO INDIA BEGINS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. I feel like everyone is asking me Are you excited for India?? right now,… Continue reading India (finally).