ten things you might not know about me! (+ other updates)

hi hi hi! it's been a moment--but i have several new followers, so i thought i'd reintroduce myself to all you newbies around here 🙂 also, i took a personal break from instagram, twitter, and snapchat, so i've included some recent photos and whatnot! 1. i'm studying at the university of minnesota - twin cities,… Continue reading ten things you might not know about me! (+ other updates)

India (finally).

I LEAVE FOR INDIA ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Well, I leave for Chicago one week from today. Then I leave for India from Chicago a week from Saturday. So, let me correct myself: MY JOURNEY TO INDIA BEGINS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. I feel like everyone is asking me Are you excited for India?? right now,… Continue reading India (finally).