The 8 Greatest Things to do in Munich Under 5 Euros

Helloooooo, fellow budget travelers! We all know Europe (especially Western Europe) is a doozy when it comes to price. From hostels to public transportation, food to souvenirs, travel can really drain your bank account if you don't pay attention (or even if you do, tbh). I went to Munich for a week and found the… Continue reading The 8 Greatest Things to do in Munich Under 5 Euros

How to Survive a Week in London for the Budget Traveler

We all know that Western Europe is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world. I think I’ve spent more money in the past couple weeks than I do in a month at home (whoops!). I’ve learned how to cut corners here and there, though, so keep reading to learn from my mistakes!… Continue reading How to Survive a Week in London for the Budget Traveler

My Clean Beauty Regimen

How insanely frustrating is it when you spend a fortune on new products... just to find that they don't work? Aren't your skin color? Leave your hair greasy? I've focused my efforts on finding "clean", vegan beauty products for a few years now, and I'd love to share some of my favorite, effective products! Let… Continue reading My Clean Beauty Regimen

Septum Piercing 101: All Your Questions Answered

A year ago, I got two cartilage piercings in my right ear. I truly thought that at that point, I was done with piercings. I mean, I had nine at that point! What else would I pierce?! But, as anyone who is into body modification will tell you, they are addictive. as. hell.  I started wearing… Continue reading Septum Piercing 101: All Your Questions Answered

Why I Stopped Wearing a Bra

Okay, y'all. It's time to get #real. I've started and reworked this post approximately five million times over the past three months, but it's time to get down to business: in October, I stopped wearing a bra every day. Here's why. Maybe you've seen the headlines--every news source seems to have covered this popular new… Continue reading Why I Stopped Wearing a Bra

New Years Resolutions Check-in

Helloooooo! I hope everyone's February is going well! I've now completed FIVE WEEKS (???) at my new school, and I'm it's a great fit for me. Since we're two months into 2017 (!!!), I think it's a good time to evaluate how we're all doing on our New Years Resolutions! Take an honest inventory, reevaluate which goals are *actually*… Continue reading New Years Resolutions Check-in

How I Knew it was Time to Make the Chop

I've always been adventurous with my hair. In elementary school, my mom used to take my sister and I to get highlights or lowlights before the start of a new school year. I loved the idea of changing up my typical look! I wasn't always so tame with my hair coloring though, as you'll read below!… Continue reading How I Knew it was Time to Make the Chop

I Did Some Shopping….

I am astounded at the money people spend on new clothing. Yesterday I did some thrift store shopping in the suburbs around my house: Eden Prairie, Burnsville, and Lakeville. I also went to Minneapolis, on the University campus, and found the Goodwill Boutique, Gina+Will! It's the first in the nation. I found some incredible things! For… Continue reading I Did Some Shopping….