Hello beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m Tess, a twenty-something girl who’s just trying to figure it all out. I lived in Denver, Colorado for a while, and right now I’m back in my home of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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I’ve completed two years of university at two different schools, and this year I’m taking a break to work, travel, and figure some shit out. I’m a big believer in doing whatever your heart tells you to do, instead of the conventional thing. You’ll read a lot about that here.

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It’s my dream to one day work with global poverty alleviation efforts, maybe join the Peace Corps, maybe adopt a few kids, maybe live all around the world. My number one life goal is to go to every continent (right now, I’m at two–North America and Asia). My number two life goal is to be fluent in three languages (right now, I’m at maybe 1.25? Lol).

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I have a tattoo on my left wrist for two important quotes:  The first is John 16:33–“I have told you all these things so that in Me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” The second is C. S. Lewis’s quote from The Chronicles of Narnia (which I’ve never actually read…), “Courage, dear heart.” These quotes are so important to me because it helps me remember that anything I will ever face, Jesus has already overcome. To follow my heart wherever it leads. To be courageous in everything I do.

I have a second tattoo on my right foot reading “santo” in my handwriting, which means “holy” in Spanish. This tattoo is inspired by my time in Guatemala (I’ve been three times!), but to me, it represents to holiness of the world and everything in it.

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I also have ten piercings! I’m all about expressing myself visually. My hair changes almost every six months. I get bored quickly 😉

I am so passionate about vulnerability–I think there is strength in sharing weaknesses with one another. I write a lot about this. I also found a love of fitness during the summer of 2016, and I have lots of dreams of traveling all over the world, so I write a lot about these things too. Pretty much whatever comes to mind!

A few of my favorite things are poetry slams, wedding couture, kids, cats, traveling, singing, world religions, and math jokes. I’m just trying to figure out where I’m going and make a positive change along the way.

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If you’d like to reach out to me with questions or comments, or if you’d like to work with me, please email tessmueske@gmail.com. Thank you!

“So if you care to find me / Look to the western sky! / As someone told me lately: ‘Everyone deserves the chance to fly!'”



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  1. Hey Tess! We don’t know eachother too well, but you inspire me. I love your willingness to share your vulnerabilities in a world where it’s encouraged to hide them. I hope you find comfort in hearing that growth almost always follows pain, and we are all rooting for you back home. Stay strong. You’re so beautiful and full of life! Best of luck with whatever’s to come 🙂

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