a little more about me

dumbo, new york – april 2019

sagittarius ☼ // aquarius ☽ // libra

welcome to my brain.

hi! i’m tess. i use she/her pronouns & i live in minneapolis, minnesota. i’m a proud queer, cis woman. here is the music i’m listening to right now.

i was born & raised in a southern suburb of minneapolis. my town didn’t have a high school, so i attended the school in the town over. i graduated in 2015, & packed my bags for denver, colorado. 

some of my favorite things are singing in an a cappella group, watching the sun set, drinking gin in a karaoke dive bar, long road trips, religious history, mochi on soft serve, espresso & a journal in a cafe, walking for hours, spicy food, food sustainability, the field of feminist studies, & five-dollar movie theaters.

7Days A Cappella / photo credit: tristan evans-fargione – december 2019

some things i’m working on are being more flexible, being okay with unexpected change, & recognizing that the world is bigger than how i see it.

i’ve lived probably a million lives. i’ve been a unitarian universalist, an evangelical christian, & a co-facilitator of a spirituality group. i’ve been a theatre kid, a wannabe politician, & i dreamed of being an olympic swimmer, once upon a time. i’ve been a barista, a waitress, a nanny, a wedding dress consultant, a bottle girl, a knife salesman, a personal care assistant, a preschool teacher, a music teacher, a political canvasser, a doll hairstylist, a data entry assistant, & a grant writer.

southern california – october 2017

five years ago, my five-year plan was to marry a youth pastor & be his worship-leading wife, planting churches internationally. needless to say, that did not happen. praise the fucking lord.

i have a degree in individualized studies, with specializations in religious studies; gender, women, & sexuality studies; & human health & wellness from the university of minnesota – twin cities, class of 2020. i also attended the university of denver, where i was an international studies major on the human rights track, & then a religious studies major. i then went to st. catherine university in st. paul, minnesota, where i was a social work major. i also did a gap year in there, where i went to india for a month, worked full-time as a barista, & then bought a one-way ticket to europe, where i spent three months backpacking solo.

florence, italy – spring 2018

one could say i am indecisive (it’s the libra rising ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

in addition to europe & india (& guatemala on three mission trips in high school – i have some thoughts about these trips i have yet to share), i’ve also spent three months in the middle east, backpacking turkey, lebanon, jordan, & egypt, solo. the usa i’ve seen less of – i’ve been to twenty-two countries and sixteen states. 

saida, lebanon – summer 2019

i grew up in a family of writers, & it’s been a passion of mine for the entirety of my life. i write music, spoken word pieces, short-form poetry, etc etc etc. for a while, i fancied myself to be a ~blogger~; needless to say, i am not one (what makes someone a blogger?). i sort of write, irregularly, about a million different things: travel, wellness, ethical living, spirituality, indecisiveness. hard things. for a while i was really into weightlifting, & i wrote a lot about that, then. i write with a whole lot of honesty. why sugarcoat my life?

wanna learn & explore with me?

wadi mujib in jordan – summer 2019

let’s get to it.

1 thought on “a little more about me”

  1. Hey Tess! We don’t know eachother too well, but you inspire me. I love your willingness to share your vulnerabilities in a world where it’s encouraged to hide them. I hope you find comfort in hearing that growth almost always follows pain, and we are all rooting for you back home. Stay strong. You’re so beautiful and full of life! Best of luck with whatever’s to come 🙂

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