ten things you might not know about me! (+ other updates)

hi hi hi! it’s been a moment–but i have several new followers, so i thought i’d reintroduce myself to all you newbies around here 🙂 also, i took a personal break from instagram, twitter, and snapchat, so i’ve included some recent photos and whatnot!

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april 2019: in the dumbo neighborhood of brooklyn, new york!

1. i’m studying at the university of minnesota – twin cities, currently! those close to me know that i’m not necessarily a lover of the academy, per se, but i’m here for now and i’m learning how to grow while standing in place. i’m doing a bachelor’s of individualized studies in religious studies; gender, women, and sexuality studies; and human health and wellness. essentially, i’m building my own degree in the things that academically interest me the most: intersectional/decolonial feminism, religion and the metaphysical ways they intersect with people’s lives, and holistic wellness, or wellness of the entire body–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. one day, i’d like to be a doula, which is like a childbirth coach! doulas work in hospitals, in birth centers, and in the home–basically, they are an advocate and educator for the birthing parent and their family throughout the birthing process as well as the introduction to parenting (or integrating the new baby/babies into an already established family!).

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my textbooks from autumn semester 2018, excluding the ~literally countless~ online articles

2. i’ve been to seventeen countries! i solo backpacked twelve of them (i’m including the usa in my count), and the other two i explored with a program. i’ve been to asia, europe, and latin america. i’ve also been to sixteen states, but the number is always growing. i love to write about travel and show people how truly accessible it can be (as well as the ups, the downs, and everything in between). in just under one week i’m embarking on a trip to the middle east–stay tuned!

february 2018: macarooning in barcelona!

3. i have six tattoos and nine piercings! i have three lobe piercings in my left ear, two lobe piercings in my right + a double cartilage, plus my nostril and septum. i have two finger tattoos, a small wrist tattoo, a foot tattoo, two small tattoos on each of my arms above my elbows, and my newest tattoo–a sun/moon eclipse on my right arm that i got in mexico 🙂

january 2019: getting that tattoo – @kadma on instagram did an amazing job :-))

4. i’ve lived in two states! i went to denver, colorado for college for about a year and a half, then i moved to st. paul, and now i live in minneapolis. it’s been a wild ride with LOTS of ups and downs, but i’ve learned a lot and i think i’ve really learned some valuable life skills. plus, i know that i’m capable of living on my own, far away–which really helped me have the confidence to travel.

5. i’m veggie!!!! i’ve been vegetarian for TEN YEARS (as of this coming july), and i’m so frickin proud of myself and impressed with the ever-growing veggie options literally everywhere. i first tried going vegan seven years ago, and i’ve done it off and on ever since. i’ve been vegan at home and vegetarian internationally for about a year and a half. also, when i know that vegetarian food will be wasted if i don’t eat it, i will eat the food then so it’s not thrown out! i am veggie for a myriad of reasons: animal cruelty, health, karma, ~government conspiracies~, etc etc etc, but either way, i never see myself eating meat again. i’m happy with the way my body feels, and i’m happy to speak with anyone curious about it!

january 2019: a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in tulum, mexico

6. i’m bisexual!!! (or something, probably, idk but i’m fine with that term being fluid) it’s been a long ass road to get to the place where even saying the word is an okay thing for me, and tbh we’re still probably riding down that road. but it’s taken y e a r s of unpacking internalized homophobia and deconstructing the subconscious norms that i’ve taken as truth for, like, my entire life, but we’re out here!!! i have a beautiful girlfriend, maraya, who studies journalism and art. we met through mutual friends and have been together for a few months. she’s constantly inspiring me to be better, dream higher, and love deeper. here’s a photo of her in hudson, wisconsin!!

january 2019: hudson, wisconsin

7. i’ve been to three wonders of the world!! so now, ofc, it’s kind of a goal to see all seven. i’ve been to the taj mahal in india, the roman colosseum in italy, and chichen itza in mexico. next stop: petra in jordan!

21150172_10209814626783836_6093482643654934958_n (1)
august 2017: at the taj mahal, in agra, india

8. i’m a musician! if you follow me on literally any social media site, you’ll see videos of me doing some stuff, hehe. i’ve been singing my whole life, and i’ve taken some lessons here and there–mostly self-taught, however. in seventh grade, i picked up the guitar and taught myself some chords. then in tenth grade, i learned how to play some open chords on the piano. i love to sing jazz, r&b, and other stuff like that! i’ve been doing a cappella groups since junior year of high school, and i’m currently in the university of minnesota group 7days a cappella (@7daysacappella on insta–check us out!).

april 2019: 7days a cappella after our music video shoot – aren’t we the cutest?!

9. i don’t drink coffee!! i love the taste (honestly, this is probably because i am a barista and am around it all the time lmao) but the caffeine affects me in a really negative way. i’ll drink black or green tea if i really need that boost, but i just try to focus on getting enough sleep and enjoying my day so i actually *want* to be awake for it!

10. last but not least, i love to share my life. this is probably something you knew about me, but i think it’s worth mentioning! i feel as though those in their early twenties right now had a unique coming-of-age experience with social media and technology, because i went through half of my teen years without a cell phone or social media, and i had an iphone, instagram, twitter, and snapchat for the other half. i think that a lot of times, it’s easy to want to show our best sides on social media–i do it too. i want people to think my life is awesome, all the time. i want to be perceived as cool and fun and all the good things. but it’s not, of course. and i’m not always those things, either. i think the more vulnerable we are on social media and other online platforms, these narratives of always being less (in appearance, in intellectualism, in all aspects of being) than your online counterparts will be dispelled, in at least a small way.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
april 2019: times square in new york city

that’s all folks! thanks so much for stopping by. i’ll be writing and posting photos on here while i’m traveling through the middle east, so definitely be checking out those out!

until next time. xoxo

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