February Updates

Hello everyone! I hope your second semesters/winter-springs are going well. I know mine is! Below, I’ve included some quick updates about my life to keep y’all updated.

I am having a fantastic time at St. Kate’s. I’m taking seventeen credits, but I love all my classes, so my homework doesn’t feel like homework. I am taking Intro to Social Work; Intro to Psychology and a psych lab; a theology class called Interfaith Encounters: The Sacredness Between Us; an SCU core requirement called The Reflective Woman, which is all about privilege and class and issues of race; Women’s Choir; and voice lessons. I am loving my coursework, and I could not be more happy with my experiences so far!

I also work three jobs and volunteer. I am continuing to work with Lifetime Fitness, just at the Highland Park club instead of Savage. Their child center is very different, but I love the variety and I am looking forward to meeting more new coworkers! I also am co-music-directing The Little Mermaid Jr. at Eagle Ridge Middle School this spring, which I am SUPER PUMPED about. If you know me at all, you know how much I love mentoring and teaching those younger than me, and I’ve recently been discovering my love for middle schoolers, especially. I can’t wait until rehearsals begin on Valentine’s Day! The rehearsal schedule conflicts with my class schedule slightly, so I am worried about this, but I know that it will all work out in the end. My third and final job is new–I have orientation tomorrow! I work at a group home for mentally disabled adults. Every other weekend, I’ll live at the group home for 48 hours, sleeping and living with four adult women. I am so so so excited about this opportunity, because it will give me a chance to work with vulnerable adults. Most, if not all, of my experience is with disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, so I’m ecstatic to work with a different part of the population.

My volunteer commitment is with a non-profit in Minneapolis that provides housing apartments to families experiencing homelessness. I am helping in their tutor/mentor program twice a week, where I will be paired with an elementary school child. We’ll read together for an hour, and then do bonding/mentoring activities for the remaining hour. I am really looking forward to this opportunity, because, as I mentioned above, I love mentoring. I can’t wait to spend time with whoever I am paired with, and begin to form a relationship!

My roommates are awesome, as well. Katie is from southern Minnesota, and her accent is bad. I wish my friends in Colorado could hear it, because they would never make fun of my “accent” *eye roll* again! She is so outgoing and down to decorate our room all Pinterest-y. Rachael is from right near campus, and she’s so funny without even trying. She also listens to choral music pretty much exclusively, which is totally awesome. We have one more roommate, but I don’t see her often because she’s a medical major fourth year, so she’s studying a lot. But the four of us have the greatest apartment on campus, with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room…not to mention that we each get our own rooms!

I feel so blessed. I am looking forward to this new semester, and I hope that it will be full of joy, love, and growth. I pray yours will be as well.

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