2017 Resolutions + Mission Statement

If anyone knows me at all, you know I’m huge on making goals, resolutions, and plans for the future. I love having separated, step-by-step goals to work towards, and I love the process of creating the goals and researching ways to achieve them. My favorite way to separate goals is categorically–that is, I separate them by personalprofessionalnutritional, and fitness-related goals. I try to add a couple steps below each goal, to help me remember how I’d like to reach that goal. This year, I also made a 2017 mission statement, which you can find below as well. I really wanted to emphasize my building up my strengths this year, as opposed to improving my flaws.


Personal Goals

1. Learn Spanish!

This is something I’ve wanted to do forever, and this is the year I’m going to do it! I’ve already checked out some things from my local library and made an account on duolingo.com, a free website that helps its users learn a new language. I signed up for the “serious” level, meaning I’ll do 15 minutes of practice a day, lol. So awesome!

2. Continue to study music theory.

At St. Kates, I’m taking exclusively social work classes, so I don’t have time to fit in music theory courses. However, I still have my theory textbooks and have subscribed to many theory Youtube channels. I want to continue my knowledge of music theory, because it’s important to me and I want to use it in my singing.

3. Start a St. Thomas/St. Catherine co-ed a Capella group.

This is already in the works! Check back for more. 🙂

4. Stop the negative talk!

I love this graphic, that I have saved to my Pintrest board about mindfulness.


I’m focusing especially on gossiping, complaining, and tearing down others. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time, and I know I’ve made huge strides in this practice! A quote I heard once that totally changed my perspective on things is this:

The success of others does not diminish the chance of yours. Cheer on others.

I love this! I have really tried to remember this quote, and I’m noticing the difference in my mindset. In 2017, I want to emphasize building up others’ successes.

Professional Goals

1. Keep track of my spending.

A lot of bloggers I follow have adopted a mindset called “minimalism”, which can be everything from owning 100 or less items to simply going through your closet once and a while. I’ve done a lot of research about minimalism, and I love the idea of it! I tend to spend a lot of money on material goods, and this is something I want to work towards changing. I am starting with simple things, like de-cluttering my email inbox and going through my clothing.

This year, I’m focusing on saving money to invest towards things that are important to me. I spend waaaaay too much money on material goods, when what really matters to me is experience. So, I’ve downloaded the app Dollar Bird, which is connected to my bank account and credit card. It keeps track of what I spend most of my money on, and helps me make saving/spending goals towards the important things! This year, I’m specifically focusing on spending/saving money on my future adoption(s), traveling, eating out with friends, donations towards my favorite non-profits, and supporting local and organic grocers.

Fitness Goals

    1. Run a 5k!

This was one of my 2016-2017 school year goals, and I’m still working towards it! Getting sick got  me off track a little, but this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it’s going to happen this year!

Nutritional Goals

    1. Clean, clean clean.

I’ve been trying to eat clean for years now. I stopped eating meat when I was twelve years old, and I’ve really cut back on eggs and dairy. Within the past year, I’ve done a lot of research on what it means to live a “clean” lifestyle, and I’ve learned that it encompasses a LOT!

I’m living in an apartment in St. Paul this spring (apartment = I have a kitchen!!!!), and it’s one of my new year’s resolutions to learn how to cook REAL, GOOD food. What is clean eating, you ask? I have a post in the works about this, but here’s the gist:

-Eat foods that you can pronounce–aka avoid color additives, preservatives, fat replacers, emulsifiers, etc.

-Avoid processed foods, including white flour, refined sugar, etc.

-Eat plenty whole grains and healthy carbs (quinoa, for example!), fruits, and vegetables.

-3/5 of your plate should be fruits and vegetables, 1/5 protein, and 1/5 healthy carbs.

Sugar is something that is really hard for me–I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. Like, ever. But I’ve found ways to combat this (I chew gum like crazy), and I’m working towards eating a clean lifestyle all around!

In addition to eating clean, I want to live clean, too. I watched a video on Facebook recently about a girl who lived 30 days without creating any trash at all, and since then, I’ve really become aware of how much trash I create! I’m constantly looking for ways I can reduce my trash use. One of the easiest ways I’ve found is telling my barista I want my tea latte “for here”. Even Starbucks has “for here” mugs that they use if you specifically say you’re going to be drinking in house. It’s such an easy way to use less trash!

My 2017 Mission Statement

I used this graphic from my Pintrest to help me do this.


My columns looked like this:

1.) travel, resourcefulness, health, savings

2.) more acceptance, green energy, patience

3.) positivity, zest for life and living, excitement, passion

4.) spend less, listening, forgiveness

And after some refining, squishing, and rewriting, I came up with this:

I will save more money using my passion for life to accomplish more global acceptance, and in doing so, achieve personal resourcefulness.

To others, this may sound wordy and unclear, but it means a lot to me. Essentially, I want to use my money, time, and resources for the betterment of myself and the world I live in.

Making New Years resolutions is a fantastic thing, and I could not be more of an advocate! This year, let’s all agree to *actually* work towards our personal goals, and encourage others to do so as well!

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