long weekends and #BAE

Lucas came to visit last Wednesday (hence the lack of posting….which means I am not living up to my fall #goals….I’LL TRY HARDER I’M SORRY)!!! He was here for five days, which was kind of perfect because it gave us enough time to do a lot of popular tourist-y stuff , but also just chill and be together.

Wednesday: I picked Lucas up at DIA at 6:55 am (death to tess but also yay because Lucas!!), and we went back to my dorm and slept. I skipped my 9 am bio class, mostly because the traffic was kind of bad on the way back, so we got back to my dorm at 8:40 and I would barely have had time to get to class on time. Also, I hadn’t seen #bae in over four weeks and I wanted to spend time with him that wasn’t in the car??

After we woke up we went to one of my favorite places on earth AKA Stella’s coffe haus on Pearl Street. Stella’s has this drink called a Dream Tea and it’s mango black tea with honey and vanilla and steamed soy and it’s literally Jesus Himself in a drink. We drove around and ended up back at my dorm, exhausted. Nixed the plan to go to the open mic at the Mercury cafe. Slept for like twelve hours.

Thursday: Slept and slept and slept. Altitude is a real thing, people. Like, real. After we woke up we drove around Denver and I pointed out some of my favorite places (Colfax and Broadway). We took the light rail downtown and went to the Mercury Cafe for dinner, which is right past downtown. I was just telling Lucas last week that there isn’t really a place in Denver where I can just be comfortable and feel like I’m home, but I guess the Mercury is as close as it gets to home for me here. It’s a restaurant/swing dance floor thing/performance space place?? But their food is all organic and a lot of it is vegan and the ceiling is covered in Christmas lights and there was a guy in the corner playing popular show tunes on the piano. And I love the Mercury so so so so so much.

Friday: Lucas and I went to Broadway, one of my favorite places in Denver. Broadway is full of really neat thrift stores and ice cream places and coffee shops. We both got sweaters at Goodwill (#goals, amiright?) Friday night we rented an Airbnb RV thing “in” Black Hawk. In is in quotes because the RV was NOT in Black Hawk, it was more like fifteen miles FURTHER, right outside of Rollinsville. I think it was listed under Black Hawk because that’s a popular casino city inside the Rockies, and a lot of people know it. And the RV was relatively close. But I started to get really sick on the way there because, you know, like, altitude and stuff. We left later than originally planned because there was a fire drill in my building (the THIRD in 24 hours?????) and we decided to stay inside (i’m sorry omg), but then it lasted for like 45 minutes and we had to stay inside my building the whole time. So we left pretty late and ended up driving in the dark. Eventually I felt too sick to drive, so Lucas drove my (unfamiliar) car in the pitch black Rocky Mountains at 9000 ft while I tried not to pass out in the passenger seat (#keeper). We asked for directions at this bar in Rollinsville and everyone was surprised that we didn’t have cell service…in the middle of nowhere….

ANYWAY the RV was pretty neat and there was a Bluetooth speaker system and a DVD player and a small flat screen. So Lucas and I listened to Bon Iver’s new album (or the four songs I happened to have saved to my phone) and lied on the memory foam bed. Then I fell asleep at 10 pm while he watched a horror movie by himself. Wild night, ya know?

Saturday: Drove to Black Hawk and had really good coffee (well, in my case, a black tea latte) and considered buying canned air because altitude. Then we drove back the way we came from (towards Rollinsville) and ended up in Boulder, so we shopped around on that Pearl Street–not the Denver one–and unsuccessfully searched for a new fanny pack for me because I broke mine at the Oh Wonder concert and I don’t really know what to do with myself without a fanny pack. We were talked into donating to Doctors Without Borders because both of us are too nice to say no. We also saw a guy playing piano hanging upside down. #lifeandstuff

That night we drove back to Denver and took two Ubers through the Taco Bell/Pizza Hurt drive thru (long story). My roommate and Stephanie hung out with us and it was very ~chill~.

Sunday: Walked around the large pond (NOT A LAKE) at Wash Park and got drinks at Wash Perk. Sidenote: Lucas’s espresso addiction is a real thing.

We walked around 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver and also went back to the Taco Hut Pizza Bell or whatever it’s called. Then we hung out in my room until I drove him back to the airport and cried ugly tears because I am a crier. I am the first to admit it.

So. Five days with my favorite guy and I didn’t even get sick of him ONCE (that sounds bad but you know how you get sick of someone sometimes after even like one day? Well this was FIVE DAYS). Here are some #cute photos from the weekend.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


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