Week 2 (*insert peace sign emoji??*)

Hello!! I hope this school year (or otherwise) has been going well for all my lovely readers. I think about y’all every day and I am sending good vibes your way ~~*~*~*~

Also, sidenote: I keep meaning to do a post about my dorm and how I diy’d stuff and what Pintrest things worked and what didn’t, but I can’t seem to manage to keep my room clean long enough to take photos. *sigh*

Anyway. End of WEEK TWO update.

This week I met with my new boss for my work study here on campus! I work at an early learning center right across from my dorm, where I will be working with babies and children for eleven hours a week. I’m so excited to begin this awesome opportunity and I can’t wait to see if working with preschool students sparks a new love in my heart.

I also did hella homework. And spent lots of money on coffee. And regretted that many times with the caffeine overdoses that came with one too many shots of espresso.

I saw my doctor here in Denver and had some kind of freaky tests done?? I’ve been feeling nauseous and dizzy to the point of near-fainting for about six months now, coupled with pretty severe exhaustion. So this week I had an EKG done as well as an iron deficiency test, B-12 deficiency test, liver function test, and thyroid function test. Those last four tests? Done through a BLOOD DRAW, my second ever. The first time (last April, when I first experienced some symptoms) the nurse had to bring in some vein specialist with a special tiny needle, because apparently ya girl has tiny veins. This time he just got out the small needle right away and said something like, “Oh, you do have tiny veins,” and I was like OKAY THANKS. Aaaanyway. I also took some papr tests for anxiety, depression, and ADD. I haven’t heard the results for any of these tests as of now, but my doctor says that if they all come back negative, then it’s probably high stress levels mixed with anxiety. So I guess we wait. (#OnTheWorldToChange)

I am rushing this weekend! I’m pretty nervous, because it requires approx. 43473473204920 hours of being outgoing and bubbly and smiley and also high heels and lots of makeup and looking pretty and impressing other girls on my campus. I’ve already met a bunch of awesome girls in the group I’m assigned to go through rush with though, so that will hopefully make it easier.

ANYWAY I hope this weekend treats you all wonderfully. I wish everyone happy smiles and butterflies and all of the Oreos.

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