week one

today is friday, september 16th, meaning that week one has come to a close. we are already 10% done.

this quarter, i am taking music theory, aural skills (ear training), voice lessons, choir, microbiology for non-science majors, and modern hinduism. i chose to take 15 credits as opposed to 18 because i want time to explore this city i live in with new eyes this year. i also begin my work-study as an assistant early childhood education teacher next week, and i want to be able to spend a lot of time there, discovering whether or not it’s for me (part of my goals for this year).

here are some photos from the past week:

sat on my bed last night doing modern hinduism homework and looked out the window to my left. this is what i saw.
my bed and the daytime view from my window.
move-in night! from left to right: becca, me, and mary grace. aka the best suitemates ever.

becca is from indiana and is so funny. she’s always down to just chill in our room or go out. she also thinks deeply about important things, and i love questioning the world with her.

mary grace is from texas. she’s always up for doing crazy things with me. she’s so interesting and fun and she’s probably one of the kindest, most generous individuals i’ve ever met.

mary grace, stephanie, daniel, and i went to an open mic at the mercury cafe on wednesday.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
mary grace and i went to backstage cafe on 14th and curtis before heading to the open mic wednesday night.

grace, logan, mary grace, and i are going hiking tomorrow afternoon, where we’ll be able to see the continental divide at sunset. it might be too early to say, but this is turning out to be a pretty okay quarter.

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