quarter one & sophomore year goals

i cannot believe that september is upon us–and almost halfway though, at that! autumn is by far my favorite time of year, so bring on the psl and big sweaters and orange leaves.

i wrote in my previous post that i would be writing about my fall goals soon, so as promised, here is my #goals post! my goals are broken down into two major categories: fall quarter and 2016-2017 school year goals. i also took lauren gleisberg’s advice this year and categorized my goals into four subsections: personal, professional, nutritional, and fitness-related.

quarter one goals


1.) journal. i’ve been journaling since seventh grade (excluding my elementary school journals about my various crushes, such as the oh-so-dreamy zac efron and daniel radcliffe), and i want to continue to do so. the goal i’ve set for myself is four times per week.

2.) date myself. as in: spend time with me. find new restaurants and coffee shops. explore more open mic opportunities and write love letters and songs and poems for me. fall in love with myself.

3.) begin again. this one is probably the most important goal i’ve set for myself. this year, i live in a new building with new roommates who i hadn’t met in person before saturday. i have a new job and a new church and new classes and a new major. i want this year to be completely different from last year. everything that happened during my freshman year has elapsed, and now i can use what i learned to make future decisions, grow, and love. i am a brand-new person.


1.) continue to refine my passions. interview child protection workers, advocates, and hospital social workers about their careers. invest myself in my job–i am an assistant preschool teacher this year! continue to learn about what interests me.


1.) run two miles. last week, i ran one mile without stopping for the first time ever! it might seem like a small feat, but it’s something that i’ve never been able to do before, and i’m pretty excited about it. it took me ten weeks to get there, and if i work on it consistently, i believe i could run at least two consecutive miles by the end of this ten-week quarter.

2.) complete my weight training program. i have two weeks left of lauren gleisberg’s weight training program, and then i will repeat phases i and ii, which will bring me to the close of quarter one.


1.) do some preliminary research about macros. what are they, and how are they beneficial/detrimental? create a game plan for counting macros in a positive, healthy way.

2.) limit sweets. i have such a sweet tooth–i will almost always choose sweet over savory! this is my biggest downfall with everything nutrition. it’s also why i always have a pack of sugar-free mango gum with me, because my brain thinks it’s sweet and it’s so much better than eating dessert every day!

school year goals


1.) stay true to myself. i know beyond anyone else what i think is right and wrong, and i know from past experience that my gut is usually right, so i want to trust myself and my judgement before anything or anyone else’s.

2.) learn how to be alone. this is a serious struggle for me. i find myself constantly wanting to be around people and doing things and having to-do lists. i don’t like to be alone; it makes me uncomfortable. this quarter, i want to learn how to be alone in my dorm, in my academic buildings, on the light rail, in my car, studying, sleeping. i want it to be a joyous thing, being alone. i want to know myself more, which i believe is best done through aloneness.

3.) blog. self-explanatory! i am making it a personal goal to blog at least once or twice per week this quarter, which forces myself to a) take time to reflect, and b) have some kind  of accountability!


1.) begin searching for internship opportunities. interview social workers, research personal interests, and trust myself.

2.) continue to plan for the future. meditate on grad school, study abroad, internships, the peace corps, etc.


1.) continue with lauren’s plan. (here’s my post about that!) after completing the program, repeat phase i and phase ii. remember why i set out on this journey. research new plans for winter quarter.

2.) sign up for (and complete) a 5k. i hate running, but this is something i’ve wanted to do for a long time. and who knows, maybe i’ll end up falling in love with running the way i have with weight lifting!


1.) learn about macros. this is something i’ve put off for a while, because i know that i have a tendency to let counting anything nutrition-related become obsessive and extremely negative. i want to learn about macros and devise a way to loosely keep track of my macros in a healthy, positive way.

2.) continue to limit sweet things. read above!

i also made a list of some words i strive to be this year:




immensely positive

full of integrity





that’s my list of goals for the upcoming months! i am excited about the now, and i am equally excited for what’s to come. as always, thanks for reading, and i’ll see you soon.


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