Hello July!! Where has the summer gone?! Oh, I know. It’s gone to Starbucks dates and workouts at Lifetime and late-night Netflix binges and 4.75 mile walks with Madison and work, work, work! I am still at the Lifetime Fitness Child Center in Savage, and I nanny two mornings a week for two darling girls. I am also a Personal Care Assistant for a fantastic young lady. We spend a lot of time reading and playing at the park, along with watching movies and singing. My days are busy, but I would so much rather be running around with a million things to do than laying at home with nothing to do!

My evenings are mostly spent at Eagan High School, rehearsing for the Little Mermaid with Eagan Summer Community Theater. Rehearsals are typically 7-10pm Monday-Friday with some Saturdays thrown in, and are full of dancing, singing, and scrambling to remember which scenes I’m in amongst all the excitement offstage. I play Aquata, one of Ariel’s six sisters. We open in two weeks and we have fifteen different performances, all cumulating after only six total weeks of rehearsal. It’s crazy! I love the cast, though. Only about 30% of those who auditioned were cast, so everyone is very dedicated and committed (and needless to say–talented!). The other sisters and I get along very well. We are called “mersisters” (mermaid + sisters…get it?) and we have such a sisterly dynamic between us! It’s great to have girls I can sing and dance and have fun with. It’s also so nice to be able to receive and give constructive criticism, because we are all in it for the performances–to give the audience what they came for.
I have also just begun a new fitness plan! I have always struggled with fitness and eating healthy because it often brings up difficult thoughts that I’ve overcome, and I do not want to regress back into those habits! One of my passions is social media/networking with others online, and I’ve been following many bloggers and Instagrammers for a few years now. I love seeing their lives develop as they get married, get their own house, and find their own passions. And I thought, what if I apply my love of networking with social media to a fitness Instagram? Maybe I’d stick to a fitness plan if I was surrounded by a community of supportive, motivated young women online. So I made a “fitstagram” (follow me at @freedom_thru_fitness)! Essentially, I started posting photos of the healthy foods I eat and selfies at the gym, using the hashtag #freedomthrufitness. I searched hashtags like #cleaneating, #strongnotskinny, and #healthybodyhealhymind. I want to grow in my own fitness while encouraging others. I want to become the best self I can be, using mindfulness and giving myself grace. I don’t want to count calories or spend hours exercising at the gym! Through my research online and after some careful consideration, I purchased Lauren Gleisberg’s 12-week gym weight training program and I intend to begin on Monday, July 4th! I know so little about weight training but I am very inspired by her girl community and #LGAccounability hashtag. Knowing that I am a part of a community like this really encourages me to pick up my lazy booty and go to the gym! There really is an online presence of young women like me, trying to get into shape. The Internet is a crazy and wonderful thing, am I right?!
So that’s a little about my summer. I’m so excited about where I am right now and I am making goals for the upcoming school year. I hope that this fitness plan will help keep me motivated and happy throughout the coming fall quarter. I am so nervous to return to school in the fall, but my intent is to return motivated, optimistic, and prepared. Have an amazing week, everyone! ❤

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