Week 7

This quarter is going well. I am taking Spanish, Social Justice, Religious and Moral Psychology, and a class that fulfills my writing requirement. After this quarter, I am done with my generals (excluding Spanish, which I would take anyway, and my science sequence next year). I register for next quarter in three days already. I think I will be taking Spanish, Social Justice, Introduction to International Politics, and Religions of China and Japan.

I have been reconsidering my major in International Studies. I have added a double major in Religious Studies, and I am considering a minor in something like Spanish or Sociology. But when I look at the class listings for International Studies, I have no interest in them. To me, they all seem like nation to nation relations, and I am much more people-oriented. I don’t want to work at a government agency or even do administrative work at a non-profit; I want to work with victims. I want to be with those that are overlooked. I talked to a couple employees from a local homeless shelter, and they suggested that a degree in Social Work would be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, DU doesn’t offer an undergraduate degree in social work, but they have a fantastic graduate program. So perhaps I will change my major to Sociology (and keep Religious Studies, because I love it so much) and then work for a graduate degree in Social Work. Or maybe I’ll just major in Religious Studies and triple minor or something. Or graduate early (I’m a year ahead in credits–thank you AP and CIS) and travel. The possibilities seem endless.

My mom and grandma came to visit last weekend! They surprised me Saturday night. The next day, my boyfriend and I went to my uncle’s house for the Superbowl party, and my mom and grandma and a bunch of other people that I’ve never met were there, and it was fantastic. The Broncos won, and it was very exciting to be in a Superbowl-winning city. My family left Monday morning, but they are coming back in April and May. Being so far away is weird, but it is not as unsettling as it used to be. And it definitely does not feel that far away.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I am in the Starbucks on Evans and life is pretty okay right now.

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