d i s c o v e r i n g

I feel a restlessness that I cannot satisfy. I am always going, going, going and I cannot find what my soul is searching for. I want to fill the world with words and love and happy moments, but I don’t know how to do that. I want to absolutely radiate with positive energy and warmth, but I cannot figure out how to do that. That’s not for lack of trying. This weekend I am going to a yoga class and hopefully go ice skating and spend time in meditation and drinking tea and breathing and practicing love, love, love. I have a four-day weekend starting on Friday, because of Martin Luther King, Jr.


I had a tattoo consultation for santo, the Spanish word for holy, which I’d like on my foot. She’s going to do it for almost half of what I thought she would, which makes me happy. I went to the Unitarian Universalist church my mom grew up in, because I thought it would be interesting. As much as I wish it was, it wasn’t. I had a Naked juice that had 1000% of my daily Vitamin C needs. It wasn’t very tasty. I found a new coffee place, and it’s open until 1 am, if I needed a place to be. My boyfriend’s roommate told us about it. My Spotify Discover playlist introduced me to a fantastic new artist. You can find him here. I read Immanuel Kant, and we talked about him in my favorite class, Religious and Moral Psychology. Sometimes he makes my brain hurt, but it feels like I am learning a new language.

Hello, world. I am here, and I am ready for you.

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