& home.

I have been home for six days, and honestly, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be–being here. When I moved in September, December couldn’t come fast enough. And now that it’s ((almost)) here, I want nothing more than for it to be over. I am all for appreciating time and loving the moment and looking forward to things in moderation so as to not miss what’s happening now, but all I want is to be back in Denver with my friends and my boyfriend and my life. I want to be in Denver with the sun and the thin air and the mountain view from the I-25 and Broadway station. I want to be at my boyfriend’s house and see the morning light from the windows. I want to be confused about what clothes to wear because it’s ten degrees in the morning, fifty degrees at 2, and negative fifty degrees at 8. I want it to snow and melt by early afternoon. I want to be able to walk into the hall and see three of my best friends, and I want to find new coffee shops to study in. I want to take the D or the H line to the Theater/Convention Center stop and go to the Backstage Cafe, where the workers know that I will order a 12-ounce sweet chai with skim and no whip. I want to laugh and cry and be in my happy place. I feel like I had just gotten adjusted and life was like ha, ha! Sucks to be youAnd I know that I will be happy again, and change is difficult. Change is hard.

But I am trying to enjoy my time here. I am working at the American Girl Place at the Mall of America, as well as doing some shifts at Lifetime and helping out online with Starfish when they have things for me to do. I am trying to stay busy, to pass the time. I am spending time with my family and my friends while I can. The next two quarters are back to back, with a one-week spring break in between (during which I will be in Nicaragua!), so I am trying to be here, while I can still be here.

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