November 21st, 2015 // 9:30 p.m.

As I sit in my dorm room on my last night of my first quarter of college, I cannot believe the amount I have changed in the past eleven weeks of being in Denver. I am reading through my journals from last summer, and I remember the intense fear, sadness, and wonder over leaving Savage for the first time, and I realize that I feel this way now about Denver. I feel like I am saying goodbye to my home all over again. Saying goodbye to my best friends and my boyfriend felt like saying goodbye to my family and my friends at home in August. This fall, so much changed. I questioned what I believe in, I fell in love, I laughed, I cried, I explored, I did things that I thought I never would. I grew. And I know that this post is short, but I don’t feel as though I have more to say than World, I am ready for You. I am ready for what You have for me. I want to learn, to grow, to explore. To travel, to meet new people, to learn new languages, to try foods I’ve never tasted. Let me be open. Let me be unafraid and courageous. Let me find my heart, wherever that may be.

“Courage, dear heart.” -C. S. Lewis

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