Some New Things.

  • I have decided to double major in Religious Studies! I met with the head of the department and it is a very easy major to complete–there are only 40 credits required, the equivalent on 10 classes. There are no core classes (such as religious studies 101 or something), just subjects. Next quarter (assuming the class doesn’t fill up before I am able to register), I will be taking “Religion & Moral Philosophy”, to make sure that I want to double major in religious studies before I actually declare it.
  • I fly home in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS. My flight home is on November 22nd. I am in the final stages of getting hired for a seasonal position at the H&M at the Mall of America, which should be awesome. I will also continue to work at Lifetime, and Starfish will be sending me a few things here and there to complete online. I will also try to do some volunteering to keep busy. I figure that if both my parents are working and my sister is in school, I need to stay busy so I don’t die of boredom! However, leaving will be kind of a bittersweet event, because….
  • I have the most incredible, caring, loving boyfriend ever. We met through a student-run a Capella group on campus, which he is currently the music director of. A couple weeks later we matched on Tinder and I thought I was going to die because I know that a lot of people swipe right (which means you’re interested in the person) just because they know them, to mess with them. Long story short, he came over to my room with a few other people the next night and we all hung out for a while. A couple days later, he got a concussion late at night, and I spent the night at his house to take care of him, and long long long story short, we are super happy together and maybe that concussion was “meant to be” (as he puts it). He’s a junior and he’s majoring in opera performance (or something like that), and he’s honestly one of the best singers I’ve ever heard (but he’ll be as humble as ever about it). There are so many good things about him, but I’ll just say that he feels like what I’ve been looking for. 🙂

So anyway, life is pretty amazing right now. I honestly could not ask for anything to be different. I am just overwhelmingly and overflowingly (is that a word?) happy. Much love from Denver. 🙂

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