On the ups and downs and all-arounds.

College has been crazy. Today is October 14th, and I moved in on September 6th, which means I have been here for one month and eight days. I am flying home on or around November 22nd. I am halfway through my first quarter of college. I am one-twenty-fourth done with my college career.

Sometimes, I am burned out from disappointments:

1.) It’s not as easy to get around as I had hoped. Sure, there’s the light rail and buses, but I live over a half a mile from the light rail (I’m not whining…it’s a long walk when it’s dark or a little cold or you’re trying to look nice and guys are hootin’-and-hollerin’ at you from the road.) and it doesn’t always go where I need to go. Buses are nice, but there aren’t necessarily stops super close to me in the direction I need to go, or I get on the eastbound bus when I want to go westbound, or your friend forgets her RTD pass and you have to somehow figure out how to sneak her on to the bus. There’s also Ubers and Lyfts, which are really nice, but you still have to pay and it kind of feels like you’re twelve years old again, getting dropped off at Target with your friends for something to do (except now we’re eighteen and shopping for sponges, granola bars, and command strips).

2.) I don’t drink and sometimes it feels like there isn’t much to do on the weekend nights if you aren’t into partying. There’s 16th Street downtown, places to eat around campus, and Netflix, but if you’e broke and just trying to have fun….there’s not much. I’ve been out to eat a lot and there are clubs downtown and I’ve been hiking in Boulder a few times, but it adds up and ya girl is running low on $$$. Like, maybe I want to get all dressed up and look cute and have fun with my friends off-campus without “buying my cup in”.

3.) I still haven’t found my future mountain-climbing, kid-loving, guitar-playing, six-feet-tall husband.

But there’s always the upsides:

1.) My friends are always down to go out, and they’re so artsy and hip and fun and I am glad that I have friends to go to the art museum with. We’ve been hiking, shopping in Boulder, thrifting, and so much more. Not to mention the fact that we’ve gotten lost approximately five million times (a couple weeks ago I was trying to get back to Denver from Boulder and I somehow ended up at the Denver International Airport at 11:30 pm on a Friday night). But hey, life happens when you’re lost, right?

2.) I’m learning so much! I really enjoy my Sacred Art of Asia class, and I’m expanding my (very limited) Spanish. Registration opens for the next quarter in a couple weeks, and I’m almost done with my required liberal arts credits, the ones everyone has to take. I just have a science sequence (which I’m taking next year) and Writing & Rhetoric, and then it’s just classes from my major. I am meeting with a Religious Studies adviser next week to discuss possibly double-majoring in International Studies and Religious Studies.

3.) I get to sing a lot. I sing in my dorm, I sing in an a Capella group, I sing everywhere.

So anyway, there’s an update into my (not-so-interesting) life! Just trying to have some fun and change some lives, nbd.

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