Homework and studying and jobs and sleep and trying to have a little fun in between

I am taking 18 credits this semester–a full schedule! I also have a work-study position at a non-profit (they’re super awesome. Check them out here) downtown, an hour away when taking public transportation. And I live in Denver, so of course I want to get out and explore this new, amazing city! I’m taking five classes this quarter, four 4-credit classes and one 2-credit class. Because I took CIS and AP classes in high school, I came in with a bunch of credits. After this quarter, I only have to take a writing class and a science class and then it will just be classes for my major, International Studies. Currently, I am taking Beginning Spanish, Calculus for Business and Social Science majors (meaning it’s a lot easier than Calculus for math majors), a class called Sacred Spaces in Asia, a seminar about gender constructs across the world, and a class about social justice with my hall. The social justice class is the two-credit class, and it’s more of a discussion class about social justice issues here in Denver and around the world. I’m super excited! We’re already into the swing of things–classes began yesterday. My Spanish class I have Monday-Wednesday and Friday at 8 am, Calc is Monday-Friday at 9, and the other classes are two hours two times per week (the social justice class is two hours once per week). The good thing about the quarter system is that I only have these classes for ten weeks. The social justice class continues for the whole year, because it’s part of my living and learning requirement (the special program I’m in for my themed hall). But after this quarter, I never have to take any math again!!!!! That alone is reason to celebrate!!

I’m trying to create a routine for myself, especially when it comes to exercising. My dorm is the farthest one away from the fitness center, about 0.7 miles. It’s not too bad, but it gives me an excuse to not work out. I love working out, it’s just difficult to work up the motivation! My school offers free fitness classes, which my friends and I are absolutely going to try out. They offer cycling, Zumba, running, dance, yoga, Pilates, and a bunch of other things I’ve never heard of. Our social justice class in 4-5:50 on Tuesdays and Zumba is at 7:15, so we are all going to go together on Tuesday nights. I’m super pumped!

This year is going well so far and I’m not feeling too overwhelmed yet (except for the fact that I dropped, like, $400 yesterday on textbooks for THIS QUARTER ALONE). I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings!

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