After fourteen hours of driving, sleeping in a van, and drinking watery gas station cappuccinos, we have arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house in Denver. Here are some pictures to showcase the journey!

Driving through Nebraska…
Entering Colorado!
Onward to Denver!
Just passed DU. Stopped at an intersection and saw this off to my right!

It’s so weird driving through all these states knowing that I won’t be going back with my parents this time. I’m only a few miles from my new home (I move in on Sunday) and I can’t believe, after eighteen years of dreaming about moving away from Minnesota, that the time has finally come. WHAT?! I’m an adult?? I still feel like I’m twelve years old or something, walking through the yellow fall trees with AnnMarie. Speaking of AnnMarie, it was SO difficult saying goodbye to my best friend. She has lived two blocks away from me my entire life (when she moved in second grade, she moved across the street. Literally.) and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.

“We’ll be friends forever, just wait and see.” –Pooh
Our best friend bracelets 🙂

I am not big on goodbyes, and this month has been full of them (with still more to come). But my life is beginning!!! I can’t wait to begin this new journey–and to keep everyone filled in on the way 🙂

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