Autumn is Here: Seasons of Change

(At least it is in Minnesota….walking into church this morning was a long, frigid trek.)


I am READY for fall! It is by far my favorite season. I love the neutral colors we can wear (like my green jacket and mustard scarf shown above), I love the colors on the trees, I love the acoustic music that everyone seems to listen to in October, I love the smells, I love the candle scents, I love the season of thankfulness, I love the costumes in the stores for children, I love the warmth in everyone’s hearts, I love the feeling of things happening. The picture below is Colorado in the fall, aka my dream in one picture.


I will still miss Minnesota, however. Listen to this song and you will understand. I will miss the lakes, driving behind boats, the I’m-freezing-my-toes-off-literally winters, my friends, my family, my high school and homecoming and going to school at the crack of dawn. I will miss my church. This morning at Hosanna!, Pastor Ryan and his wife, Jenn, gave a message about the future of Hosanna! and this season of jumping into what God has for us. They likened it to jumping off a cliff. They played this funny sermon promo video of a girl standing on top of a cliff, tethered to a steel cord with a harness and everything, and she runs to the edge but suddenly stops and says she can’t. It’s pretty funny. But how accurate does that feel? I know firsthand what that’s like: I went ziplining in Guatemala in July this year. I’ve gone to Guatemala three times and we zipline every year, but I chickened out the past two years. As they clipped my harness to the cord in two spots, I looked over the edge of the green cliff and my eyes saw the bottom, 500 feet below me. There was nowhere to go but across, and trust that my harness would hold me. There was no turning back. Isn’t that like God? If He calls you somewhere, He will be your harness, and He will not let that cord break. Where He calls you, He will go with. It was SUCH a perfect message for this time in my life. At the end of the message, Ryan and Jenn stood side-by-side on the front of the stage and asked everyone to stand for prayer. They asked the whole congregation–in Lakeville, in Shakopee, at homes and in cabins–to come to the center and hold hands. Like a family. I teared up as Jenn prayed. It was truly like holding hands as a family, standing on the edge of a cliff. I knew at that moment that I would always hold a piece of my heart for my home church.

My friend Regan caught up with me on the way out of the worship center and asked if I wanted to go forward for prayer with her, and we went together. We told the woman that we are both entering an entirely new season in our lives and it literally feels like we are jumping off a cliff. We don’t know what the next season will be like. We don’t know who we will meet, who we will become, how deep our faith will become. As she was praying for us, she said that she was getting a vision of a huge globe with us two, tiny humans, in awe of this big, big world and everything there is to discover. She prayed affirmations over us: that we would become strong in our faith and know Him more than ever, that we would connect with other Christians on campus, that we would find a church where we can grow deeply. When the prayer ended, we told the woman that both of us are planning on majoring in International Studies, and we smiled together at the greatness of God. He knew, He knows. He knows. He called me to Denver, and so I go. He will be my harness when it feels like I am freely falling, when I feel like I can’t see the other side, when I am all alone.

Holy Spirit come. 

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