It’s here!


I’ve done my comparing and analyzing and re-comparing and re-analyzing….I’ve finalized my list. I’ve collaborated with my roommate. I’ve identified stores that will get me the best deals (with some room for a couple splurges, of course). I can’t believe it’s here! I leave for Denver in less than a month (September 2nd, to be exact) and I couldn’t be more excited/nervous/terrified/nervous/thrilled/nervous/ecstatic….did I mention nervous?! I’m going to be sixteen hours away from everything familiar, in an entirely new place. New, new, new. New people, places, things. I’m going shopping today for the dorm essentials (or rather, everything Pintrest tells me is “essential”). I’m living in a group called a Living and Learning Community (LLC), of which there are five on campus. Each group is themed, with about twenty-five freshmen in each. My LLC has twenty-two students and is “social justice” themed. Each LLC has its own wing, with two students in each room. Basically, I’m living with twenty-one other people who care as much about the world as I do, which totally rocks. We volunteer in and around Denver, learn in a class together, and take retreats into the mountains (which sounds like a total drag, I know). It’s so nice that I’ll already be in a community when I arrive on campus. I automatically have twenty-one friends.

My school has this awesome thing called a First Year Seminar (FSEM), which is basically a service-learning class with fourteen freshmen. Every freshman is required to take one, and there are so many different options. When I registered, I saw classes about feminism in early literature, the Bible and social justice, Harry Potter (???), some stuff about science that I don’t really understand…and so much more. My class is entitled Men, Women & Beyond: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Very official sounding, I think. But I believe it will be an incredible learning experience, and it sounds like the seminar helps bond students together right off the bat. Your seminar group is your orientation group, as well, which also makes it easier. So, you can think of me every Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 5:50 pm, as I learn about gender across the nations.

I hope you are all having an amazing summer and I am so pumped to be updating everyone back home on what life is like in the Mile-High City.

P.S. I’m also learning how to navigate WordPress….Give me some time!

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